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The Benefits Of Clearing Clutter Out Of Your Home

The benefits of clearing out the clutter in your home is more than just for the space and the peace of mind knowing it got done. It is a proven fact that there is a link between cluttered surroundings and additional stress and who needs that extra stress in their life. Instead of letting all of the junk take up your space why not consider helping out the ones in need and donate the items. Which better way than to give back and just knowing that your old junk is helping people in need will do you good. With Git Rid Of It we try to recycle everything that is possibly able to be donated. Why waste a perfectly useful item when there are people in need. We actually donate are items to Bridges to Independence which is a program that leads individuals and families out of homelessness and into stable, independent futures.

Shed Clean Up In Centreville Va

Our men are out cleaning up a collapsed shed in Centreville today. We got a call that a customer shed was collapsing and they needed us to come and remove it along with the items inside. Our men will have it cleaned up and out of the yard in no time.

Why Is It That You Should Pick Git Rid Of It?

Git rid of it has been in business in the junk removal field for 10+ years now and our team is dedicated to provide professional and friendly service to our customers. We are the best licensed and insured junk removal company in the Northern VA area.  We have the best prices in town you will ever find out there. Our services offer same day service, fast and professional service to get the job done. No job is ever too big or too small for us to conquer. We recycle and donate most of what we can instead of disposing of all items to help others in need.

Hoarder Clean Out In Alexandria This Morning

Our main goal going into a hoarding job is to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible letting go. Our men take the time to go through and sort from the junk to donations with the customers. With these type of jobs, you need to have the patience and be able to work side by side with the customer to allow them to understand you are there to help them. We want to be able to work with them to get them back to a familiar place of being able to have their home back. This job in Alexandria may be about 4 truck loads which we will be able to donate most of it. We usually donate to Bridges To Independence which is a program that helps the homeless transition to get back on their own.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure!

Git Rid Of It finds a lot of supplies that we are able to donate to the ones in need. We work closely with Bridges To Independence Program, we offer any assistance with furnishing homes in need and donating any items we see as such can be useful. We come across plenty of jobs that one may think is just their trash yet it is going to change someone else’s life. Our number one key is that if it is able to be donated that we make sure that it is given to the ones in need. We are not just a company but we are a helping hand to many in our community and beyond. We go as far as a company, as a team and most importantly a family to give back what is given unto us. It is said, “To do more for the world than the world does for you is sucess”. 


Today is a great beginning into extending our business into the moving business. Yeah, I know who would have ever thought that a junk removal business could do moving? Well when you have a professional team as such as our men anything is possible. Who couldn’t be any more excited to know that we can handle it all in one shot. We are able to take away the unwanted and move forward with what you would like to keep. As I would say “kill two birds with one stone” and get the job done. Visit our site at

Alexandria Virginia Last Minute Junk Removal

Git Rid Of It made a last minute pickup in Alexandria Virginia. A customer had several bags of junk they needed removed today. Git Rid Of it was able to be there in 2 hours. We understand that people have time and schedule constraints and try our best to work with our customers to accommodate their busy schedules. Though scheduling doesn’t always allow us to make such arrangements, Git Rid Of It will try to work with you on your last minute pickup.


Office clean out VA MD DC

 Git Rid Of It no matter how big or small the job may be we will always come through and get the job done. Local office in Arlington, VA called in to come haul away unwanted furniture and miscellaneous items and no greater company to call than Git Rid Of It. As you can see we work as a team to get the job done. We offer our services all over the VA, DC and MD area so give us a call at 703-533-0094.

Falls Church Love Seat Removal


Git Rid Of It is in Falls Church, Virginia picking up several couches and love seats. This is just one of many types of stops that Git Rid Of It makes every day. We can clean up and remove anything from sofas or refrigerators all the way to entire hoarder houses. Call us today for a free estimate.