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Need to Dispose of Construction Material After Renovations in Reston, VA?

Doing renovations this summer in Reston, VA and need to arrange pick up of construction debris and material? Git Rid of It will take it away for you! No need to rent the dumpster or bring it out – we will include both the labor and the disposal of the material in one fixed price! Call Git Rid of It today!

Shed Removal Herndon VA

Of course, we are all guilty of it, we tend to throw all of our junk into the shed to get it out of the yard. If you can’t find it the first place you run to will always be the shed it the go to. Now you have just one more thing to throw into it and you realize that there isn’t any space left. You then realize that it’s time to clean it out and reorganize.

You should make it a point to clean out your shed at least once a year to throw out unused items. Throughout the summer you will find it’s easy to just throw everything and anything in the shed to get it out of your way. Yes it may de-clutter your yard but then you are set with a whole new project to un junk.

Did a tree fall on your shed or a big branch? We can help with this project of tear down and give you the necessary receipts to be reimbursed by your insurance company if need be.

At the end of your shed cleanout or tear down, you will be left with all the old junk that you need to be disposed of. Well no fear that is where Git Rid Of It comes into play, we are an eco-friendly junk removal company that will come and get rid of all of your old unused junk. After your long day of hard work, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. Just give us a call and we will answer all of your junk removal needs.

Quick and Professional Log Removal in Falls Church, VA

“Best phone call I have ever made! We had two very big, heavy logs. In the initial call, they said that it was no problem and they’d be there the next day. Just like that. The Git Rid of It team removed the logs in 10 minutes and with great attitudes. Great team! Thank you!” – E.S. in Falls Church, VA

Our team will get the job done as soon as we can! Whether it be appliances, construction debris, old furniture or yard leftovers – we are ready to clear out your space! Contact Git Rid of It today!

log removal in falls church, va

Happy 4th of July from the Git Rid of It Team!

Happy 4th of July! Thinking of removing some items from your space after the holiday? Contact Git Rid of It! If you’re unsure of how to dispose of your bulky appliances such as stove top units or washing machines, don’t worry about it! We have years of experience moving things from apartments and houses – no matter what type of item. Call us today!

Need to Get Rid of an Old Hot Tub or Boat in McLean, VA?

We have the team and tools to dismantle any large structure that you want hauled out of your property. Old, broken hot tub? Old boat? We’ll get it out of there, efficiently and with little interruption to your day. Call Git Rid of It today for your small demolitions and junk removal in McLean, VA.

Unsure of What to Do with Your Old Furniture? Git Rid of It Knows!

“I was moving and had some old furniture I had no clue what to do with. I called for same day service and Got Rid of It arrived in 1 hour. The service was rapid and reasonably priced. I would definitely call again.” – Chantilly, VA

Unsure of how to get rid of your old furniture? Git Rid of It will handle its removal and what happens after – whether it’s in good enough condition to be donated or if it needs to be recycled. Call us today at 703-533-0094 to discuss how we can help clear out your old furniture.

Bulky TV and Mattress Set to Remove in Rockville, MD

“I have a bulky 21″ TV, 1 full size mattress and a box spring to remove from my 3rd floor apartment, accessible through stairs. Can you send me an estimate please?” – Rockville, MD

It can be tricky maneuvering large TVs and furniture down the stairs. Call in Git Rid of It and we’ll deal with all of the sharp corners and narrow hallways. Our team has years of experience carrying items down stairs and through apartment entrances. Call us at 703-533-0094 for your item hauling and removal!

Our Green Initiative Supports the Environment and Local Charities!

Need to get rid of some unneeded items but don’t want it to end up in a landfill? We donate reusable items to local shelters and carefully separate and select recyclable materials due to our green initiative. Contact Git Rid of It today for your room or house clean out in Lorton, VA!

Junk and Recycling Needed to be Cleaned Out After a Move?

“We had an entire room full of boxes and trash. I called Git Rid of It and they gave me a time frame of arrival on the same day. Two employees arrived and were done in less than 20 minutes. Smooth, efficient, and professional service from beginning to end. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.” – J.C. in Fairfax, VA

Leftover trash and recycling from a recent move? Call Git Rid of It and we’ll work with your schedule to haul everything out as soon as possible.

Summer Time Garage Cleanout

Its getting around that time of year where its time to clean out that garage and make space again. We are here to help declutter and get rid some of that old junk so you can move that car into the garage again. No better feeling than to have your space back and to be able to enjoy it.