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Clearing out for the holidays!

The holiday season is almost here and for most people, it means parties, sleepovers and out-of-town relatives. All this entertaining would be a lot easier to handle if you didn’t have to worry about creating additional space for your guests. To clear out that ancient bedroom set out of the guestroom, the tattered sofa from the playroom, or even the weather-worn lawn furniture from the yard in time for the holidays, maybe you should find someone who does old furniture pickup.

Be responsible for what you are putting into the landfill.The holidays can be an overwhelming time, but it doesn’t mean that the garbage doesn’t get sorted. Plastic, metal and cardboard are all reusable and recyclable. Clothes can earn you a tax credit if you bring them to a donation center and get a receipt or just give them to someone in need directly. If you don’t have the resources to bring these items to a donation center, call a junk removal company or a charity to pick them up.

The end of the year brings about a time for giving and receiving. Children get brand new toys and clothes while adults indulge in new flooring, unused furniture, modern appliances.  Then there are all of the boxes, wrapping paper and plastic that presents come in. Getting new stuff is exciting and fun, however it doesn’t mean to just throw away the old. There are children who aren’t getting anything for the holidays and would love to have recycled toys and clothes. Donate when you can instead of adding to holiday waste!