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Dangers Of Burning Your Own Trash

There are a number of ways to dispose of unwanted trash safely and legally but unfortunately, some people take the route dealing with it themselves in an unsocial and non-environmentally manner. This can include dumping bags on the street, overfilling the trash bins, disposing on side of road and burning rubbish.

In this short post, we will talk about the negative effects that burning waste can have and why you should avoid this at all costs.

First of all, if you start to burn trash in your garden, you will run the risk of causing a situation with your neighbors as they may not appreciate black smoke from wafting over their own gardens. Burning any type of waste can cause unpleasant smells while polluting the air. You may even get a visit from the fire department as someone may dial 911 to have it put out.

Fire can spread at an alarming rate and can rapidly accelerate depending on the trash that is burning. Any type of flammable material used could cause high uncontrollable flams and pressurized cans can cause mini explosions which could harm anyone nearby.

By burning plastic bottles, paint or rubber, you could be will be releasing toxins into the air which may be harmful to people’s health.

Damage to your property could also be a problem with grass damage, fences being burned and any plants around could get harmed also.

The best way to clear any waste is to use a licensed waste removal company to assist you and clear your unwanted items. This way you are able to have peace of mind that everything taken away will be safely disposed of or recycled and will leave your property clean and tidy.