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Fun Ways To Get The Family To Recycle

Recycling starts with one person at a time and the more you practice it and lead by example others will join. Its always nice for an initiative in order to do something even if it is a little fun. Below are a few ideas on getting the family to join in with the recycling in your home or even the community.

  1. Decorate Your Recycling Bins
    1. Allow your children to decorate the bins with pictures of items that go into each bin. Gives them a visual and makes it just that much more fun for them to recycle
  2. Do A Recycling Parade
    1. Allow the kids to design themes on costumes to promote recycling
    2. Draw up signs to carry
    3. March to a fun song about recycling
    4. Create a chant and teach it to the friends and family along the parade
  3. Create A Fun Game Out Of Recycling Bins
    1. Put a small basketball hoop over the bins to let the kids have fun
    2. Start a competition to see who can recycle the most at the end of the week for a prize
    3. There are endless arts and crafts you can do with the items
  4. Promote Recycling Within The Community
    1. Allow the children to see how much fun recycling can be
    2. Shows  everyone just how much recycling means to so many
    3. Be a role model and allow everyone see you do it