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Hoarder Clean Out Gainesville

Our company got a call for a hoarder job in Gainesville, which we take much pride in working with people to get their lives back. Going through a hoarder’s stuff is like a scavenger hunt, only without the fun. You may find some valuable items but instead of being thrilled you will be sad and feel sorry for the person suffering from a severe anxiety disorder that prevents them from assessing the true value of their possessions, making informed decisions, and having a normal lifestyle. Hoarders lack the ability to classify items according to their actual value, so they tend to accumulate large numbers of useless things and never throw any of them away out of fear of losing something important. Our team understands the meaning of the items and works with the family and the hoarder to come up with what must be disposed of and what can be kept. Our team always stay sympathetic and sensitive towards the hoarder’s feelings on such items. If possible we will always donate all usable items to local charities. What we do is as we go through the home we separate from trash, keep, donate, recycle and it helps regulate the items.