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Office Furniture Removal In Arlington

Recently, we had an online booking come in from a company located in Arlington. The description of the job was that they needed multiple desks removed from inside of their office. Shortly after the online booking, a gentlemen called to get a little more information. He asked us a few questions regarding the size of trucks we have and how many people come to the job. We gave him the run down of how everything works and how we can help him. After the conversation, he confirmed his appointment and told us he would see us in a couple days.

Our guys started with the largest items first, which were the desks. They loaded up the 5 large desks in the very back of the truck while strategically placing them to fit as much stuff in one load as possible. The guys were able to fit more in one load than expected and off to the donation facility they were! After the donation facility, they were on to the second load. The second contained a few more desks. They put them in the truck first then loaded up the 12 chairs they had. After all that was loaded up, they added the rest of the stuff to be removed. The job was done in two loads because everything was thoughtfully placed in the truck.

The company that hired our service was so impressed that they called us back a few days later to schedule another appointment to remove more stuff from their office. All in all, this was another successful job achieved and put down in the books!