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Tips For Your Yard Waste

Whether you’ve been doing yard work and have piles of grass and clippings or have an old torn down shed in the backyard, waste tends to build up. With all of the work we can do in the summer, this is the time of year when things start to get a little messy, and you definitely want to get your yard cleared before it gets too cold. How are you supposed to do this in a quick and efficient manner, though? We’ve got some tips to help you out.

Yard waste bags (which you can pick up pretty cheap at home improvement stores) should be the first thing you go to when clearing the yard. These bags are high capacity and allow you to load and move debris and waste efficiently to the curb so it can be picked up by the city. These bags are brown paper and can also be made out of recycled material so you’ll have a clear conscience when it comes to the environment.


Say your city isn’t the best at picking up yard waste and you don’t want clumps of leaves or yard waste bags sitting out for weeks. What are you to do with all the waste after you’ve managed and relocated it?

· Composting Your Yard Waste

One eco-friendly solution is composting! Compost is great for vegetable and flower gardens and will save you money if you get bags of manure and soil for your beds every year. The great thing is that you’ll always have a source of compost if you collect dead leaves, grass, and yard clippings; just make sure you have somewhere to store it like a composting bin that is up to your city’s code.