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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Git Rid Of It takes pride in the work that we do. Our number one goal is to satisfy our customers needs. Here are a few of the reviews we have gotten so far.

Nov 20, 2017 by Jason on Git Rid of It Junk & Trash Removal
City & State: Arlington, VA
Terrance and his crew were great. Called at 8:15 on a Sunday and had th crew to pick up my junk by noon. Excellent, fast service. Once I have more junk to get rid of, I will definitely use them again.

Oct 10, 2017 by Thomas on Git Rid of It Junk & Trash Removal
 City & State: Ashburn, VA
Git Rid Of It came in professional and did an excellent job, I called and got the same day service. They worked with me and gave me a great price after calling around to several companies they were by far the best candidate for me. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
 Aug 10, 2017 by Sue on Git Rid of It Junk & Trash Removal
City & State: Alexandria, VA
 Excellent experience. Jose and Garrett arrived on time, worked efficiently and carefully. They had a great attitude and their customer service was excellent. I would recommend them and use them again.

*****5.0 star rating 11/12/2017
After another company showed up to remove my refrigerator and then refused to do it — too many stairs, we didn’t quote you a high enough price, we have to take the doors off. Git Rid of It came out the next day (on a Sunday!) and got the job done. Dean and Carlos got the doors off, got all the shelves and drawers out, and got it down three flights of stairs for EXACTLY the price quoted, without scratching or even touching, a single wall on their way down.

If you need what they can do and you don’t call them, you’re making a mistake!

*****5.0 star rating 10/11/2017
Had used Git Rid Of It before to haul away an old refrigerator left behind from previous owner of the house and they were super easy to work with (I just left the fridge in the driveway with check in the freezer and it was gone when I got home).

We recently cleaned up hundreds of bricks from a poorly designed DIY patio (also left behind from previous owner haha) and needed to have the debris hauled away. They were able to get out to our house the very next day after I called and haul things away. Mike called me personally to discuss the work and they texted me a picture of the clear space when they were done.

Would recommend!

****4.0 star rating 9/21/2017
I called on Wednesday at 4:30 about hauling a refrigerator from my basement and disposing of it. I was quoted a the lowest price I’d heard to haul it the next morning at 7:00 am. Perfect! I was called twice before 6:30 am the next morning, and missed both because I was still asleep. I called them back to find they were in my driveway waiting. That would normally be a nightmare type situation, but they just hung out in their truck and were totally cool when I made it out around 6:40 they were pleasant and worked quickly. They had the fridge hauled and gone before 7:00 am.

*****5.0 star rating 7/20/2017
Short notice call. Had to get rid of some furniture. His quote beat all the rest by 40$. The guys said they’d be there between 12-2. They showed at 12:00 exactly. Efficient crew. Grabbed the sofa and left. I’ve used services such as this all over the country and I can highly recommend these guys. Don’t be afraid to give em a call.

*****5.0 star rating 7/10/2017Git Rid of It is top notch! They do great work and also give back to the local community! Most recently they supported Bridges to Independence (a nonprofit serving families experiencing homelessness) by helping one of our formerly homeless families move into their new apartment. They picked up donated furniture and moved it to the family’s home. The team is prompt, courteous, and efficient. We’re so grateful for their support! Thanks Mike and team!

How To Get Ahead Of Christmas Trash

Just about anything and everything can be recycled. By recycling we are ensuring our environment is reduced in pollutants and that landfill is kept to a minimum. When a material is recycled we are converting it into a new product which reduces the need to consume and use natural resources.

Christmas packaging

Over 12.5 million tons of paper and cardboard are used each year. By bagging up Christmas packaging and recycling it, is the equivalent of a tree per household that could be saved.

Food packaging

Foil pans used for food can be recycled. Carefully wash these items before placing in a suitable recycling bin. Plastic can take up to 500 years to fully decompose, yet it can be recycled.


Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over again. Shockingly, 5 out of every 6 glass bottles are thrown away. This Christmas you could recycle every glass bottle used and save the environment a little.

Aluminium drink cans & tins

Recycling just 1 can will save enough energy to run a set of Christmas tree lights for 2 hours. Every steel can is 100% recyclable.

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable so they can easily be recycled or reused.

Christmas cards

Christmas cards can be added to a suitable recycling bin

Broken Christmas lights

Broken Christmas lights can be recycled.

Discard or donate

If you received a new gift which is simply replacing an older version, think how you could reuse/donate the older one.

Electrical equipment

Charities will offer a collection service on electrical equipment which is in working order or you could consider selling any electrical equipment on a local selling site.

Broken items

Anything which cannot be recycled or donated should be disposed of. Lack of time/transport are factors in homes not recycling or adequately disposing of recyclables wisely. Consider using a junk removal company. We cover the Northern Virginia areas and surrounding areas on a same day service and offer weekend and evening appointments. Trash is charged by volume, so you’ll only pay for the items you are disposing of. We are fully committed to sustainable living and where possible we reuse and recycle.

Types Of Junk Removal We Offer

Commercial Junk Removal
At Git Rid Of It we understand that your place of business needs to be spotless as this will create a good first impression on your customers and as such, we will send in our team who will do an amazing job of clearing. We also know that time is of the essence and we will ensure that your trash is removed from your premises within the shortest time possible.

Construction Debris Removal
Construction of buildings usually leads to accumulation of huge amounts of junk which can be difficult to clear out, especially if you are under pressure to have the building open for business within a short time. At Git Rid Of It we have a qualified team that is capable of clearing after the builders have left. All you have to do is contact us and give us all the necessary details including the duration of which you need the trash cleared and we will handle the rest.

Residential Junk removal services
Do not let junk accumulate at your home simply because you do not have the time to clear it out. Our personnel and staff is friendly, well trained to handle junk correctly and also work without interfering with anything within the home.

Yard Waste Services
We also offer yard waste services, something you may require during spring or any other season for that matter. Our professional team knows what it takes to have a clean garden and we always aim to please our customers by meeting and exceeding their needs.

Advantage of Junk Removal Company

  • Eliminating stress and any future injuries: dealing with waste products on your own can be very stressful and time consuming. One can tend to be busy at times and the trash piles up leaving an awful stench. Junk removal companies have a schedule. They are always on time and work very quickly. Physical injury may occur when a person tries to lift or dispose of heavy items without the right tools. But these companies have the tools to get the job done without causing any injuries.
  • Affordable; one of the main reasons people decide to dispose of their own trash is the cost with junk removal companies. When carefully calculated, the junk removal companies help out in a big way. When cleaning out your home, garage, and stores, you can count on experts to help out. They sort out the recycling materials and deal with the junk removal. Considering the likelihood of personal injury and the possibility of damaging your property that might be caused by improper removal of junk, hiring a junk removal company is more convenient in the long term
  • Eco-friendly– when disposing of your junk, it is always important to set apart the waste materials. This is done by buying different liter bins for reusing and recycling. We always advise clients on how to dispose of their garbage in the right way, often in eco-friendly ways.

Clearing Out Office

There are a number of reasons that you may need to clear your office or place of work out so it is free of clutter, mess and unwanted items. It can be a large task to fully clear out an office to relocate or upgrade everything in it. To do this and to speed things up for you it is advised to use a reputable office clearance company to assist you.

The need for a clear up could be one of the following reasons. Relocation happens a lot to a business becoming more successful and expanding to horizons new. Keeping up to date in the modern world may need you to discard of a number of electrical items such as computers, screens, and printers which if done in bulk can mount up if you have a large office.

Please remember, if you decide to complete this task yourself or with your staff members you will not only have the hassle of the physical work that the job actually involves. Your day to day work will be interrupted which could cause you to lose out financially. If you are in need of an office clearance service and need a little help or advice, please get in touch with us at Git Rid Of It to see what we can do for you.

Bulky Unusual Items to Get Rid Of?

If you are a home or property owner, you probably have experience in dealing with unwanted items and even junk. The bundles of newspapers, the old electronics, and even the yard waste require you to have at least one trustworthy resource for a junk removal company. But, what about those unusual things? Just consider the following items that may not be candidates for junk removal:

  • Pianos
    • Hot tubs
    • Mattresses
    • Large furniture
    • Old appliances
    • Tires
    • Old carpets
    • Pool tables
    • Scrap metals
    • Worn out barbecues or grills
    • Old fencing
    • Swing sets
    • Collapsed tin sheds

These can be seriously challenging burdens to eliminate. Do you rent a truck and try to find a place to haul away such items? What if you are physically incapable of dealing with them? Fortunately, there are options for the household junk removal, and they actually can help you with those unusual items.

While getting them out of the yard or off the premises is the main objective, it is important to consider the additional benefits to be gained. Such as? If you work with the right junk removal company, such as Git Rid Of It you get the peace of mind of knowing that all items are disposed of responsibly. That does not mean that they take everything to the nearest landfill. No, instead it means that they look at the items and determine if they can:

  • Donate items that are in working order and yield a return for a local charitable organization
    • Recycle through area partnerships or local resources

Just consider something as simple as that old piano. You don’t want it, but you have tried to sell it and failed. You just want all of that space it is taking up, but you don’t want to ruin your back trying to move it on your own. You can call a regular junk company and they may take it off your hands, but they might still require you to get it outdoors or move other furnishings to clear the exit.

When you work with a company like Git Rid Of It, none of those worries are on your plate. A company like Git Rid Of It takes oversized items like pianos, does all of that heavy lifting and furniture moving, and preserves the piano along the way. They will then figure out if the piano can be donated, and if not, they will consider if any materials are suited to recycling. Nothing is going to waste, and the unusual object is out of your way.

There is no reason to struggle with oversized and unusual items in your home or on your property. Git Rid Of It can come and eliminate it, and all without dumping it in a local landfill!