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Schedule Your Junk Removal for Your Spring Cleanup!

Spring is here! Cleaning out your home and its storage areas? We are your premier junk removal specialists! Whether it’s an old appliance that has been sitting in your basement for years or the unused swing set in your backyard, we are ready for the task. From furniture to yard debris, we can do it all! Give Get Rid of It a call at (703) 533-0094 to schedule your junk removal soon.

Bulk Trash Removal for Apartments in Washington, D.C.

Dumpsters and trash bins are frequently overloaded at apartment and condominium complexes. People move out and throw out old appliances or furniture into the enclosures. Often times, trash companies will not load those items into their trucks. That’s where we come in! We will remove the eyesores off of your commercial properties. Whether you need construction junk removal or apartment bulk trash removal in Washington, D.C., give us a call for more information at 703-533-0094 or fill out our contact form.

Wall-Unit AC Unit and Entertainment Center Removal in Washington D.C.

“I had a wall-unit AC unit that I replaced sitting in the middle of my living room and an old entertainment center sitting by the door blocking it from opening fully. I called Git Rid of It and they gave me a price and time. The guys called the next day and showed up early. No muss, no fuss. I showed them what I wanted gone and they just picked them up and left. It took 3 minutes tops. The price was exactly what I was comfortable paying. 100% would recommend.”
– Eric G. in Washington D.C.

We are the professionals you need for your take down, removal or junk hauling. To take back the space in your home or business, contact Git Rid of It at (703) 533-0094!

Need Removal Services After Your Springfield, VA Move?

Recent move leave you with furniture and appliances that you need to remove from your home or business in Springfield, VA? The Git Rid of It team is ready to clear everything away and help you get back your space! Schedule your removal with us at 703-533-0094 or email us via our website.

Sectional Sofa and TV Removal in Ashburn, VA

“I contacted Git Rid of It with a list of my stuff – two pieces of a sectional sofa and a heavy tube TV. They responded back with a quote that was less than the one I got from a competing company. I scheduled the appointment, and they showed up right on time. Price was as quoted! Very friendly people. I’d definitely use them again!”
– L.D in Ashburn, VA

Do you have large furniture, home goods, appliances or out-dated technology that is taking up space in your home, shed or garage? Schedule your junk removal with Git Rid of It at 703-533-0094!

TV Removal in Ashburn, VA

Need Large Furniture or Appliances Removed from Reston, VA Home?

Have furniture or appliances that you need to get rid of but they are too large and bulky to remove on your own in Reston, VA? The Git Rid of It team is ready to help you take back your space! We are the specialists that you need for your efficient, professional junk removal. To schedule our services for your home or business, contact us at 703-533-0094 or fill out the estimate form here.


Our Team And Trucks Are Ready For Your Junk Removal Needs in Ashburn, VA

Have large items to donate or dispose of, but you are not able to move them out of your Ashburn, VA home or business by yourself? This could be a piano, large appliance, furniture, etc. The skilled, experienced staff from Git Rid of It are prepared for your removal needs! Our large trucks are ready to be filled up with whatever you’d like gone. For junk removal that you can rely on, contact us at 703-533-0094 or fill out our Free Estimate form online: https://www.getitremovedva.com/junk-removal-free-estimate-va.php

Prepared for Your Junk Removal Needs in Alexandria, VA

Local trash collection won’t take your old appliance or furniture? Need help removing large items from your home that you wanted to donate or dispose of for a long time? Git Rid of It is prepared for your junk removal needs in Alexandria, VA! Whether it’s on your curbside or inside your home, just indicate what you’d like hauled away and we will efficiently and safely complete the task. For a free estimate, contact us at 703-533-0094!

junk removal alexandria va


Piano and Appliances Removed in Vienna, VA

“Git Rid of It came in and removed an old piano/bench from basement, a dead refrigerator/freezer from garage and several old television sets, computers and monitors. There was absolutely nothing that I would change about my experience; in fact, I am calling them again to haul away more debris that is now waiting on my curb. This company is really a find!”
– N.S in Vienna, VA

Have some odds and ends you’d like to get rid of before the end of the year? Take back the space in your home! Schedule your junk removal with Git Rid of It Junk at 703-533-0094.

Washer and Dryer Removed in Fairfax, VA

“I just had my unitized washer/dryer removed by two of the nicest, most efficient guys from Git Rid If It. The unit was located in a ridiculously tight area and they removed it quickly, and without any damage to any surrounding walls. Awesome, punctual service … you simply cannot go wrong using these guys for any of your household item hauling needs. Thank you for restoring my faith in service providers in this area.”
– J.R in Fairfax, VA

Have household appliances that you need removed out of a tight space? The Git Rid of It team will figure out the least intrusive way of removal. Schedule with us at (703) 533-0094.