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Shed Dismantling in Springfield, VA

Is that old shed in your Springfield, VA backyard an eyesore? If your shed is rendered useless due to wood decay, weather damage or is just falling apart in general, trust Git Rid of It to dismantle the large structure and take away the parts! We have the tools and experience for taking apart sheds, decks, porches, gazebos, hot tubs, boats, fences and other items that need a small demolition before removal. Call us today!

Our Team Will Efficiently Remove Items from Your Storage

One of our recent projects was clearing out some items from our client’s storage. Whether it’s office clutter, stuff accumulated over the years, or old furniture, we’ll move it from the premises, load it onto our truck(s), and recycle or donate any items that are still in usable condition. Call Git Rid of It today!

Our Clean Out Services Have Helped Many Families

“My mother was a hoarder. After she passed away, we spent many months trying to clean out her home. After removing the items we wanted, I called Git Rid of It. They were beyond amazing. They were so kind and professional amidst this great mess and left me with a cleaned out house that I never thought would happen. They made this process easy for me and I would highly recommend them!” – Arlington, VA

We understand how overwhelming it can be cleaning out the home of a loved one with hoarding tendencies. We’ll treat each case with the sensitivity and care that it needs, listen to you and your family, and help you clean and make space. Call Git Rid of It today!


Winter House Clearance Made Simple

Get your House clearance done while you sit and watch all the contents of your home removed from any place where the junk is located. Junk removal during the winter made easier, as we provide labour and all the necessary equipment to remove furniture, appliance and renovation debris.

We serve even commercial and businesses in the Northern Virginia,Washington DC Or MD are, whether you are looking to remove furniture such as tables, chairs, desks and other items, our house collection operatives will deal with all the difficult job of handling the clearance.

After removal we will recycle as much of the items removed, by donating items which can be re-used to charities in the local area. The rest of the items will be disposed of responsibly.

Need to Dispose of Your Hot Tub in Arlington, VA?

Has your hot tub stopped working or your household doesn’t have a use for it anymore? Hot tub removal can be tricky. We have the skilled professionals and tools needed in the dismantling and disposal of your unwanted hot tub! Contact Git Rid of It for a free estimate to remove your hot tub in Arlington, VA.

hot tub removal arlington va

We’ll Handle Your Office Clean Out!

Have office furniture that you need cleared away? With little to no interruption to your day, we’ll promptly remove any office items and donate reusable items to thrift stores and charities. We have the experienced team and trucks to handle any office clean out in Alexandria, VA and the DC Metro Area.

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

There will come a time to where you realize that you are in need of junk removal services. Time is coming to where your garage is over piling with old unused items and you need the space, need to get rid of old appliances or furniture that’s in your way.

When you use a junk removal service you are paying not only for the labor but for the transportation of your item to the dump and the convenience. The cost for junk removal varies depending on how much of the truck you use. Any good junk removal company will give you an estimate or quote based on the description of the items you have. If it is needed that you need an estimate and not sure of how to describe due to an abundance of items, we would come out and give you a free estimate and if agreed upon do the job right then and there. You specifically pay for the space that is used in the truck and nothing more than that, it includes labor and disposal fees.


Estate Sales Made Easier

For anyone, this is not one of the most pleasant topics to deal with, but at some point we will have to deal with the passing of a relative, parent or other loved one. And when that day comes, we will most likely have to take care their personal items. Dealing with getting rid of the junk and furniture removal is always a hassle that can be easily frustrating when you have to deal with emotions and memories that come up while clearing out their home.

What options do you have to make this moment a little easier for you? Git Rid Of It junk removal company offers estate cleanout services. Hiring a junk removal company would mean you wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of the appliance and furniture removal. It also means that the house will be cleared out efficiently as they won’t have the sentimental attachment. No need to worry anything that is able to be donated we will sort out and send it to the closest donation facility.