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Junk and Recycling Needed to be Cleaned Out After a Move?

“We had an entire room full of boxes and trash. I called Git Rid of It and they gave me a time frame of arrival on the same day. Two employees arrived and were done in less than 20 minutes. Smooth, efficient, and professional service from beginning to end. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.” – J.C. in Fairfax, VA

Leftover trash and recycling from a recent move? Call Git Rid of It and we’ll work with your schedule to haul everything out as soon as possible.

Summer Time Garage Cleanout

Its getting around that time of year where its time to clean out that garage and make space again. We are here to help declutter and get rid some of that old junk so you can move that car into the garage again. No better feeling than to have your space back and to be able to enjoy it.

We Do Bulk Trash Removal in Washington DC!

Is your local trash company not accepting your bulk trash? This could include furniture, old TV sets, scrap material, and other items. Call Git Rid of It today! Just point to what you want removed from your property (you don’t even need to set it aside on the curb – we’ll move it out of your home) and we’ll get it done. We always check if any items are still in good use and support donating to local charities in Washington DC.

Brush Removal In Annandale

 Looking to get the yard cleaned up for the summer? Our guys will come out and haul away all debris from your yard. Nothing like a clean yard to enjoy family gatherings, or a fun summer day in the yard playing with your kids.

Carpet Removal in Springfield, VA

“I need the carpets picked up for my apartment. This includes the staples, underneath padding. Is this something you can do?” – Springfield, VA

Yes, carpet removal is among our many removal services! Call Git Rid of It today to take out your old carpet.

Post Construction Clean Up and Building Material Removal

Finished a construction project, but unsure of what to do with the leftover material or debris? Let the Git Rid of It crew take care of it! We’ll make sure that every wood scrap or building material is off of the property in no time. Whether you’re a home owner or contractor in Falls Church, VA, contact us today!

Clearing Out Your Storage Unit in Chantilly, VA

Currently renting out a storage space in Chantilly, VA for items that you need to dispose or donate, but don’t have the time or resources to clear it out on your own? Call in the Git Rid of It team! We’ll efficiently move all of the items out, pack them in our truck(s), and take them to the recycling center or local charity for donation.

We Have Experience Maneuvering Old, Large Furniture Out!

“We needed a couch and loveseat moved out of our basement in a very short time. Git Rid of It gave me a great estimate and could be there the next day. It was a complicated removal because of the “S” curve going up the stairs and the sharp corner at the top of the stairs. There were no scrapes or dents left by the movers on the walls as they brought it up. I was very pleased by their work and would definitely hire this company again.” – Springfield, VA
Your walls are safe during our removal services! Our skilled team has years of experience in moving and maneuvering around in homes. Call Git Rid of It today for your old furniture removal!

We Dismantle Large Items and Then Take It Away!

Large items like hot tubs, decks, playground sets, boats and fences need dismantling before removal. Did you know that along with junk removal, we offer small demolitions as one of our services? No need to do it on your own; call Git Rid of It to take apart the large item, gather the parts, load it into our trucks, and take it away for donation or proper disposal. Contact us today for your junk removal in Fairfax, VA!