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Efficient and Stress-Free Junk Removal in Burke, VA

“The team from Git Rid of It was more than excellent! They were efficient, helpful, and just plain nice. They took two large items, a queen sized sofa bed, and a queen sized regular bed and took only fifteen minutes to remove them from my home. They were great! I will definitely be using them again!”
– S.J. in Burke, VA

We want your junk removal to be as efficient and stress-free as possible. Just let us know what you’d like removed and we’ll take it away! Contact Git Rid of It today!

Picked Up Bags and Lumber in Leesburg, VA

“Git Rid of It picked up many bags of trash and other items to be thrown out, including lumber. Most of the items were waiting for them in the driveway, but they also picked up items from the basement of the home. The crew and truck arrived right on time and got right to work. I am thrilled at how easy it was to arrange to have items thrown out collected and taken away by this great company. I will definitely be using them again!”
– K.L. in Leesburg, VA

Whether you need items picked up or need them carried out, the Git Rid of It crew is up to the task! Contact us today for your junk removal.


An Environmentally-Conscious Junk Removal in Clifton, VA

Don’t want the items that you’re getting rid of to sit in a land fill? You can request for the items that you are getting rid of to be donated, if they are still in good condition. Also, we’ll sort through items to determine which can be recycled. Choose Git Rid of It for an environmentally-conscious item removal from your home in Clifton, VA!

Getting Rid of Variety of Items Before Moving

“We had just bought a house and needed to get rid of a variety of items that we did not need to take with us. Git Rid of It was timely in their response and the estimate was more than fair. The crew arrived on time, calling beforehand, and quickly got to work. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly! High recommend for your junk removal.”
– S.L. in Arlington, VA

Whether you’re moving, de-cluttering, or just want to get rid of stuff, Git Rid of It is prepared for the job! Schedule your junk removal at 703-533-0094.

Old Structures You Need to Remove from Your Property?

Do you have old structures in that need to be broken down and the parts removed off your property? Old playground sets or hot tub structures can be a nuisance to get rid of. Don’t wait until it gets worse and more hazardous to handle yourself – contact Git Rid of It to do the removal for you! Contact us for your junk removal and hauling needs in Burke, VA!

Picking Up Bulk Trash After a Move in Winchester, VA

Have a lot of trash and recyclables leftover after your move? Bulk trash can be an obstacle to getting your new place set up, with the leftover boxes and packing supplies in your way. Getting rid of bulk trash can be overwhelming – that’s why Git Rid of It offers it as part of our junk removal services. If you need space cleared out in your home in Winchester, VA, contact Git Rid of It!


Have an Old, Large Structure Needing Removal?

“I was impressed with this company. Even with the bees flying around, the Git Rid of It team had my hot tub removed in 1 hour. Their prices are well worth it. The best part was these guys were extremely punctual and priced well below their competitors. When people say if it is to good to be true don’t believe it. Well, believe this crew.”
– Alexandria, VA

Have an old, large structure like a hot tub or boat that needs deconstruction before removal? The Git Rid of It Team has you covered for your junk removal, no matter how impossible it seems!

Entire Storage Clean Out in Chantilly, VA

Do you have a variety of items in your storage unit that you need to donate, recycle or dispose of? It can take a lot of time and effort, sorting through these items and finding the truck space to transport them to a donation center or disposal facility. The Git Rid of It team is experienced and ready for your entire storage space clean out in Chantilly, VA. Contact Git Rid of It today!

Handling the Removal of Old TVs in Arlington, VA

“Git Rid of It called approximately 30 minutes before arriving. They arrived promptly and professionally removed the items that I had stacked near various doors for easy access to the outside of my home. I had some old TVs that were heavy, but the two movers handled them well. Overall, this was an excellent experience and I highly recommend this company for trash hauling.”
– S.Y. in Arlington, VA

No item is too much for Git Rid of It! We will even do the necessary disassembly in order to carry it out. Contact us for your junk removal!

An Early Start to Spring Clean Up in Fairfax, VA

Wanting to get an early start on Spring clean up? With Git Rid of It, we’ll make the removal of unneeded items easy! Just point to what you want gone, and we’ll take it away. If you’re afraid to create waste, don’t worry – we support donating items in good condition to local charities in Fairfax, VA and the Northern Virginia area. Contact Git Rid of It soon!