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Why Is It That You Should Pick Git Rid Of It?

Git rid of it has been in business in the junk removal field for 10+ years now and our team is dedicated to provide professional and friendly service to our customers. We are the best licensed and insured junk removal company in the Northern VA area.  We have the best prices in town you will ever find out there. Our services offer same day service, fast and professional service to get the job done. No job is ever too big or too small for us to conquer. We recycle and donate most of what we can instead of disposing of all items to help others in need.

Bulk Trash Removal Washington DC

Bulk Trash Removal Washington DC


Pick up of bulk trash and larger items is more difficult in Washington DC than the surrounding areas of the metro region like Northern Virginia, and Maryland.  According to the DPW (department of public works) website, you must set an appointment, which can take 10-14 days, and you’ll still be paying a good amount.

Here is a quote from the site about appointments:

“Call the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center at 311 to make an appointment, which is usually available within 10 to 14 days of your call.”

Also, you can only have 7 items picked up at one time.  With Git Rid Of It, you can load as many items as you’d like.  We use 16ft box trucks which can hold up to 28.4 cubic yards in each truck.  Don’t get stuck with item number limitations, waiting periods, and item type limitations.  Give us a call for a much easier, stress free, junk removal pick up.

They also have a large list of unacceptable items that cannot be picked up.  We’re writing this post due to the large volume of calls we get from DC residents looking for a way to have their larger bulk trash, furniture, appliances, and other items hauled away.   We remove all of the items the DC DPW does not collect, including: tree stumps, books, bricks, ceiling tiles, construction materials, demolition materials, dirt, drywall, household trash, hazardous materials like paint, tree limbs, and tires.

In short, for the same, or even less of a payment, we can remove all your junk, including items they won’t take, and you won’t have to wait 10-14 days.  We can usually schedule you with 1-2 days notice.  We also load all the items from wherever they are in your home.  The DC service needs you to carry everything out and put it at the curb.