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Today is a great beginning into extending our business into the moving business. Yeah, I know who would have ever thought that a junk removal business could do moving? Well when you have a professional team as such as our men anything is possible. Who couldn’t be any more excited to know that we can handle it all in one shot. We are able to take away the unwanted and move forward with what you would like to keep. As I would say “kill two birds with one stone” and get the job done. Visit our site at www.gititmoved.com

In house furniture moves Virginia DC Maryland furniture rearrangement

That’s right, at Git Rid Of It, we are expanding our services even further.  If you need assistance moving furniture from one place to another within your home, we can help.  Whatever the item or items may be, we can help.  Whether it’s one piece or an entire household, we can help.  We can send a minimum of two crew members / laborers or more, depending on the size, weight, or amount of items you need moved. Whether you have back problems, a disability, are elderly, or just don’t feel like moving the items, give us a call at 703-533-0094.  We can also help load a moving truck, or if you want a full service, we can load our moving truck, and do the move for you.


We service the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Western / Southern Maryland areas.  We’re available 7 days a week, offer free estimates, and low prices.  Call us today at 703-533-0094 to schedule your in house move or furniture rearrangement.


In house furniture moving In house furniture moving In house furniture moving In house furniture moving