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Construction Debris Removal Falls Church

Git Rid Of It company construction debris removal services on a regularly scheduled pick up you can reduce the amount of waste lying around and prevent the build up of dust and debris. When you use a junk removal company to get rid of the construction debris you save your construction workers from having to deal with it. It minimizes their risk of an injury, it also helps your team to be able to work in a clean and safe environment. It saves you the money in labor hours, transportation cost, also the dump fees. When you use a junk removal company we make sure to ensure the disposal of all items to be dumped in the correct facility. Junk removal specialists are trained to get the job done in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Television Disposal

Are you going to treat yourself to a new television this year? A lot of us do around Christmas time or in the January sales, but do you ever wonder what becomes of all the televisions that are discarded every year? Figures show that we are replacing our television sets more frequently than we used to, the days when ‘it’s still working, we’ll make do with it a little bit longer’ was the general rule are over, nowadays we are being enticed to swap by all the tempting new features that get included with every upgrade. When its time to get rid of the electronics you can call a local junk removal company to come and dispose of it properly.



Dangers Of Storing Cardboard Boxes

When new home owners move into a house, they have the pleasure of unwrapping their contents or newly delivered furniture out of the box, to make a house feel like their home. The cardboard boxes are then usually stored for future uses or alternatively flattened before recycling. The latter being the best habit to prevent an overflow of cardboard boxes.Every home is guilty of storing cardboard boxes either in the house, attic, closets, shed or garage.

Enthusiastic online sellers will always need boxes to sell goods on and to minimize packaging costs as much as possible. Having the right size of packaging available for this trade can reduce any damages caused to items during transit. Buying brand new cardboard boxes can be expensive for sellers and movers. Many military and armed force professionals require boxes during relocation; similarly students relocating from one town to another will find the use of a cardboard box useful to transport many goods.

Plastic containers are durable and costly, whereas cardboard boxes are free, with many practical uses, such as storing seasonal items, essentially Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Birthdays. Although they are easy to flat pack and store, many individuals are still naive and unaware of the actual dangers of storing these innocent looking brown boxes. Storing large amounts of cardboard boxes together, especially in a small confined space, is a significant fire risk. Removing this potential hazard is important to protect the safety and well being of all residents of your property.

Another risk of keeping cardboard boxes, is that it attracts insects near your property. Many insects thrive on eating the glue used in binding packaging together. Spiders are well known to make habitats in dry, dark hiding places, such as cardboard boxes, that are effectively made of wood.

Clearing out for the holidays!

The holiday season is almost here and for most people, it means parties, sleepovers and out-of-town relatives. All this entertaining would be a lot easier to handle if you didn’t have to worry about creating additional space for your guests. To clear out that ancient bedroom set out of the guestroom, the tattered sofa from the playroom, or even the weather-worn lawn furniture from the yard in time for the holidays, maybe you should find someone who does old furniture pickup.

Be responsible for what you are putting into the landfill.The holidays can be an overwhelming time, but it doesn’t mean that the garbage doesn’t get sorted. Plastic, metal and cardboard are all reusable and recyclable. Clothes can earn you a tax credit if you bring them to a donation center and get a receipt or just give them to someone in need directly. If you don’t have the resources to bring these items to a donation center, call a junk removal company or a charity to pick them up.

The end of the year brings about a time for giving and receiving. Children get brand new toys and clothes while adults indulge in new flooring, unused furniture, modern appliances.  Then there are all of the boxes, wrapping paper and plastic that presents come in. Getting new stuff is exciting and fun, however it doesn’t mean to just throw away the old. There are children who aren’t getting anything for the holidays and would love to have recycled toys and clothes. Donate when you can instead of adding to holiday waste!

Tips On Clearing The Clutter Out Your Life

It can be hard to keep on top of things in our busy day to day lives. Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and not pay attention with the trash accumulating in the house and before you know it you have a huge clutter of mess in the house, garden and at work. So here are some helpful tips to keep everything clutter free.

Have a schedule

Have a schedule in the house where on a particular day and time you clear out the mess in the house. May want to implement this into your work life as well. You could also set routines in the house where someone does the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and so on so you know who is doing what. Having set times to do certain tasks throughout your week will make your life so much more organized.

Don’t skip

When we do plan on clearing the trash when we have a million other things to think about during our day it can be easy to not bother doing it. There will always be a reason why not to, but this is how some of the bad procrastination habits start to kick in. Keeping everything waste free does require a bit of discipline. I know this can be tricky but if you keep to your schedule you will definitely feel better for it. Nobody removes clutter from their house and regrets it.

Hire a Service

Hiring a junk removal service is also another good way to remove some of that extra junk. A top junk removal company will also be geared up with the right protection and equipment for your house, office or yard work needs.

Tips For Your Yard Waste

Whether you’ve been doing yard work and have piles of grass and clippings or have an old torn down shed in the backyard, waste tends to build up. With all of the work we can do in the summer, this is the time of year when things start to get a little messy, and you definitely want to get your yard cleared before it gets too cold. How are you supposed to do this in a quick and efficient manner, though? We’ve got some tips to help you out.

Yard waste bags (which you can pick up pretty cheap at home improvement stores) should be the first thing you go to when clearing the yard. These bags are high capacity and allow you to load and move debris and waste efficiently to the curb so it can be picked up by the city. These bags are brown paper and can also be made out of recycled material so you’ll have a clear conscience when it comes to the environment.


Say your city isn’t the best at picking up yard waste and you don’t want clumps of leaves or yard waste bags sitting out for weeks. What are you to do with all the waste after you’ve managed and relocated it?

· Composting Your Yard Waste

One eco-friendly solution is composting! Compost is great for vegetable and flower gardens and will save you money if you get bags of manure and soil for your beds every year. The great thing is that you’ll always have a source of compost if you collect dead leaves, grass, and yard clippings; just make sure you have somewhere to store it like a composting bin that is up to your city’s code.



Construction Debris Removal In Leesburg

Our guys are out in the field working on a construction job out in Leesburg. The job consisted of the remains of a broken up concrete foundation from an old shed that took up space in the yard. Nothing better than to be able to enjoy your yard to its fullest potential.

Donations Are A Major Factor Within Junk Removal Companies

Have junk sitting around that can be donated for ones in need? When you decide its time to get rid of some old furniture for something new, Git Rid Of It will come by and pick up any items you would like to donate. Your belongings deserve a second life, and we’re here to help you give them one. Our team will pick up from anywhere on your property and bring it to a local donation center. Our home donation process is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Anything that cannot be donated will be transported to your local recycling center or renewable energy facility to ensure all items are disposed of responsibly.

House Clean out At It’s Finest!

We haul junk for residential, commercial and business properties that need to be cleared out. You may run into many different instances to where you would need services to clear out a property. Before you rent or sell a home, office space or place of business the property must be cleaned out of all trash. As a realtor, landlord, property manager you are left with the nuisance of tenants leaving trash and furniture behind for you to clean up. Git Rid Of It offers a fast, friendly, fast, professional service to help you get the job done.

Attic Clean Out In Aldie

We got a call for our guys to come out and do an attic cleanup in aldie, VA. When it comes to your belongings, begin by going through old boxes and junk lying around. The key is to figure out what you would like to keep and what you would like to throw away or donate. Our number one thing in the junk removal service is that we reduce, reuse and recycle. We believe in minimizing the amount of trash that we take to the dump facility. Over the years clutter in your attic can accumulate to leave you with no room to move around. Cleaning out your attic is a task that allows you to filter back through collected items and decide what you really need and what you don’t. Who really likes going up to the attic its dirty, damp, dusty, dark and no space. Git Rid Of It can handle all of your attic cleanout needs, we make sure to clean up all unwanted junk. We provide top quality junk removal services and clean up after the job is complete.